Post Caps

  • Post caps are made from a highly visible yellow plastic
  • They are used predominantly as a safety measure to make steel posts more visible to protect people and animals from injury.
  • They are available in either a triangle or round shape.  The round caps have teeth inside to hold them firmly onto round steel rod as well as steel fence posts.
  • They are used in a wide range of places including construction sites, farms and hobby farms, as well as in the backyard.
  • Product size - Triangle Yellow Post Caps (Bag of 20), Round Yellow Post Caps (Bag of 20)

Post Drivers

  • Post drivers are heavy metal cylinders, closed at one end with handles on either side.
  • They are used to manually drive steel fence posts into the ground.
  • Used by farmers, hobby farmers, handymen and fencing contractors.
  • Product size - 800mm or 1200m high


    • Chain strainers are used to tension fencing wire
    • They are designed to be used with a variety of wire diameters including plain and barb wire.
    • Able to be used left or right handed.
    • In line ratchet action strainers form part of a permanent fence allowing you to keep the wire tensioned.
    • Product size - Box of 10 strainers

Wire Spinners

  • Makes rolling out plain fencing wire smooth and fast.
  • Can be adjusted to suit popular coil diameters.
  • Tough steel construction

Wire Joiners

  • Sometimes referred to as "gripples", as their name suggests joiners are used to join two pieces of wire together without having to knot.
  • Available in multiple sizes for any wire diameter and can be used with plain or barbed wire
  • Product size - Medium - 1.8 to 3mm wire (20 per pack). Large - 2.7mm to 4.4mm (10 per pack)

Clips and Pliers

  • C Clips
    • C Clips are used to fasten netting / chainwire / mesh onto fencing wire
    • For use with red (16mm) or green (19mm) pliers
    • Product size - 16mm or 19mm
  • Maspro pliers and fasteners
    • Semi automatic hog ring pliers and fasteners.
    • Holds 50 fasteners/clips at a time and reloads after each use


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