Fencing Netting

Netting is a galvanised wire product, twisted to form a hexagonal shaped hole.

2010 02 18 13.20.04Netting is generally categorised by the size of the wire from which it is made:

  • Chicken netting = less than 0.9mm wire diameter
  • Hardware netting = 0.9mm or 1.0mm wire diameter
  • Rural netting = greater than 1.4mm wire diameter

Chicken Netting

  • Chicken netting comes in a wide range of widths from 150mm to 1800mm.  It has a small hexagonal hole of 13mm and is made from a fine wire (0.55mm)
  • It is perfect for a wide variety of uses from building chicken coops (as its name would suggest) to general fencing and vermin proofing rooves.
  • Netting is purchased by fencers, fabricators and builders / roofers.

Hardware Netting

  • Hardware netting has a larger hexagonal hole and wire diameter than chicken netting .
  • It is used mostly for light fencing

Rural Netting

  • Rural netting is made from the heaviest gauge of wire.
  • It is used mostly for building heavy duty rural fences.



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