Security Fencing


  • Chainwire is a woven wire product predominantly used for security and residential fencing.  It is also used for sporting enclosures such as tennis courts and cricket nets.
  • Available in a wide range of heights from 900mm to 3600mm and can be made from standard or heavy galvanised wire, or PVC coated wire in black or green.
  • It can be made with a knuckle or barb top.  The barb top being most common in 1800mm high security fencing.

Barb top  Knuckle Top



  • Fittings make building your fence a lot easier and faster, removing the need for welding by joining posts to stays and posts to rails.  
  • A full range of hinges, latches and bolts are also available. 
  • Due to the many variations available, if you give us a call we can discuss your specific requirements

Posts, Stays & Rails

  • Like fittings, there are a large number of variations available with posts, stays and rails.
  • Give us a call and we can discuss your specific requirements


  • Helicoil wire - also known as tension wire
    • Specially manufactured as the wavy belly wire strained between end posts.  Its role is to support the chainwire between posts.
    • Available in both galvanised or PVC coated wire
  • Plain wire
    • May be used instead of helicoil wire as the supporting wire between posts.  Usually double twisted for tension and strength and generally manufactured from a 3.15mm wire.
    • Available in both galvanised or PVC coated wire
  • Lacing wire
    • Used to lace the chainwire to bottom and top rails, and to tie the chainwire to the intermediate posts
    • Generally manufactured from 1.57mm wire and available in galvanised or PVC coated wire